The Boot

Designed to Protect the Most Important People in Your School

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What is The Boot™?

The Boot™ is a security device designed to impede doorway entry. It is a rectangular-shaped plate of 7/8 inch thick cold-rolled steel with steel pins and a floor mounted steel sleeve that when fully engaged can withstand 16,000 pounds of pressure. The Boot™ weighs 4.89 pounds and while it is small, it is mighty when stopping entry from the danger that resides on the other side of your door.

Professional installation takes just minutes and never requires an update.

Simple, rapid deployment on-site ensures you are protected as soon as possible.

Works with nearly any door that opens inward or outward, including single and double doors.

The ONLY product of this distinction ever endorsed by the Michigan Sheriff’s Association & several additional law enforcement entities.

The Only Door Barricade
That Meets Egress Law Requirements

The Boot™ is the first and only door barricade and safety device to utilize a patent-pending release mechanism for safety officers or emergency personnel to enter & secure a room. This patented technology allows officers to enter the room in seconds.

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The Boot Storage Box
Ensuring Your Boot is Always Ready

  • Provides a secure place for The Boot™ when not in use
  • Single motion removal of The Boot™ from The Boot Storage Box
  • Hinge lid for easy removal and rapid deployment in event of a threat
  • Custom paint and powder coated options to match your school/company colors
  • Can be custom detailed to showcase school/company logo
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Benefits of The Boot™

Simple, one-step engagement

Compact but strong design allows for easy storage

Enhances lockdown strength and safety of door to keep danger out

Get Your Boots with Our Adopt-A-Door Program

The Lockdown Company is very aware of the financial strain on the education system. Knowing that a price can't be placed on the safety and security of our children and staff in our schools, we have developed the Adopt-A-Door Program to help schools incorporate The Boot into their school safety program.

Our Adopt-A-Door program is a great way for parents, family members, community leaders, businesses and civic groups to sponsor the installation of The Boot™ on one or more doors at their local school.

Help keep your child safe at school and take part in the Adopt-A-Door Program! With your generous donation, you can provide school security a great way to give danger The Boot™.

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