The Ballistics Shield

Stopping Threats in Their Tracks

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Providing The Most Critical Deterrent, Time

Time is of the essence in active shooter scenarios. A door equipped with a secondary security layer is an additional obstacle for any threat to hurdle. Delaying a shooter buys time for students, staff and police, to prepare and get to safety.

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Fight Back
Without Fighting At All

When The Ballistic Shield is fired into with a high-powered assault rifle, the bullet minimally permeates the unique material with limited expansion causing razor sharp edges at the penetration site. To gain entry, the shooter must use additional ammo and risk significant self-injury by reaching through the jagged access point to unlock the door.

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Added Strength
Where You Need It Most

  • Made from specially tested Aluminum
  • 3 millimeters thick
  • Placed over key areas of doors and windows
  • Lays nearly flushed to the door
  • Adhered with high density adhesives and screws anchoring it to the door
  • Can be decoratively engraved with a school/company name or mascot
  • Available in custom sizes
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Unobtrusive Design

At only 3 millimeters thick, the Lockout Co. Ballistics Shield is not a bulky obstruction to your daily school life. Visitors will love the design; while students and staff will ove the feeling of safety the Ballistics Shield brings, without feeling like they are in a maximum security prison.

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