Mason County Sheriff's Department Endorses the Boot™

Dear Rob,

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office along with law enforcement throughout Mason County is committed to protecting our nation’s most precious resource, our children. With this in mind I am honored in joining the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association and fellow sheriffs from across Michigan in endorsing “The Boot™”.

In a crisis or high stress incident, ones fine motor skills are lost creating difficulty in tasks which otherwise would be routine. “The Boot” is easy to put in place and creates a near impossible barrier to penetrate, essentially keeping the bad guy out and our children safely inside the classroom. Having researched school safety products with my goal to find the best, I’m happy to place my endorsement with you and “The Boot”.

Thanks for joining us with your commitment to protecting our children and all you have done for us up here in Mason County!

  • Sincerely,
  • Sheriff Kim C. Cole
  • Mason County, Michigan