Roscommon County Sheriff's Department Endorses the Boot™

As a Member of the Roscommon County Local Emergency Planning Team, a Member of the Roscommon County Active Violent Incident Planning Team, a Member of the Roscommon Safe School Initiative Planning Team, a law enforcement officer of 23 years, and a law enforcement trainer of 20 years; I cannot give any higher endorsement to a product than I do to The Lockdown Company and The Boot™ that they manufacture. As we train regularly and host annual county wide scenarios preparing for active shooter scenarios within our communities, it has become most evident that securing potential victims in a place of safety, while gaining time for law enforcement to respond and eliminate a threat, is the key to minimizing loss of life in these types of active violence incidents. The Boot™ accomplishes this perfectly.

The simplicity and ease of application make it ideal for all professional, educational, and commercial settings. The design is very efficient for securing an entire building or even an entire school district in a short time. The Lockdown Company has produced a product that offers an incredible level of security for relatively limited cost. This product should be included in phase one planning for any area that is attempting to be proactive in securing their soft targets from tragedy.

Rob Couturier is very knowledgeable and makes the process of planning, installation, and payment options a seamless experience. Every School District within Roscommon County has committed to the installation of The Boot™ into their buildings, and I can't imagine a reason why any community would not want to be involved with such a product. The safety of our citizens, and especially our children, deserves our greatest efforts. Such little effort for such an amazing level of safety, is an obvious choice.

  • Sincerely,
  • Edward Stern, Sheriff
  • Roscommon County, Michigan