Barry County Sheriff's Department Endorses the Boot™

Dear Mr. Couturier,

As a law enforcement professional for many years, I have seen many impressive methods and devices aimed at limiting tragedy and loss of life. One of the biggest problems plaguing our country today is violence in schools. This has caused law enforcement to work harder than we have before to find and imlement the best strategies for keeping those vulnerable safe. Working diligently every day, by increaasing patrols, providing education on safety in schools and by finding and implementing the best products available, we strive to keep every school and person inside these facilities from becoming subjected to horrific violence.

This quest led to the discovery of a product called "The Boot™". The Boot™ takes about one second to deploy. It blocks a door and makes a barrier between opur students/staff and an active shooter. Being a sheriff in a rural county, it is necessary to slow down and active shooter so my deputies have adequate time to arrive to prevent injury.

The Boot™ is simple in it's design and has a release method for law enforcement or trained school personnel making it incomparable to every other option for securing classroom doors. I am proud to offer my endorsement of The Boot™ and not only am I seeing it installed in Barry County Schools, but would encourage schools everywhere to do the same.

The Boot™ creates a valuable opportunity for law enforcement and schools to work cohesively to keep students and staff safe. I am proud to be a supporter of The Lockdown Co. and their product, The Boot™.

  • Sincerely,
  • Dar Leaf, Sheriff
  • Barry County, Michigan