Law Enforcement Endorsements for The Boot

Law enforcement personnel from all over stand by the effectiveness of the Boot™, and are willing to stand behind The Lockdown Co. in our effort to make schools a safer place for our children.

Sheriff Kim C. Cole

Mason County Sheriff Office

“The Boot™” is easy to put in place and creates a near impossible barrier to penetrate, essentially keeping the bad guy out and our children safely inside the classroom.

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Sheriff Scott Stephenson

Midland County Sheriff's Office

I never had any desire to endorse a product but after learning about “The Boot™”, I feel compelled to for not only my community but other communities.

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Terrance L. Jungel

Michigan Sheriff's Association

With a clear understanding of our obligations and commitments to public safety, we strongly and proudly endorse the Lockdown Company's product know as The Boot™.

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Sheriff Matthew M. Sexton

Calhoun County Sheriff

The Lockdown Company has produced a unique product that I believe will greatly improve safety in our schools.

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Sheriff Edward Stern

County of Roscommon Office of Sheriff

The Lockdown Company has produced a product that offers an incredible level of security for relatively limited cost.

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Sheriff Jerry Clayton

Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office

The Boot™ is simple, easy to use, affordable and when properly used to secure a door, makes it almost impossible to gain entry into a classroom or office.

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Sheriff Tom Reich

Eaton County Sheriff's Office

I truly believe that The Lockdown Company's product, The Boot™, is an extremely important layer of security for our teachers in their classrooms.

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Sheriff Dar Leaf

Barry County Sheriff's Office

I am proud to offer my endorsement of The Boot™ and not only am I seeing it installed in Barry County Schools but would encourage schools everywhere to do the same.

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