About Us

We're proud of our products and services, and we're driven by the vision to help schools become safer places for our students, and the staff that work with them every day.

Our Founding

The Lockdown Company was founded in 2013 based off the determination to keep loved ones safe following a life-threatening attack that effected the founder’s family. The Boot was originally designed to help protect one person, when in reality, it had the capability of helping hundreds of thousands of people. When the founder and inventor learned of this, he knew he had something special in his hands. After working with several law enforcement professionals, the once handmade product, came to be the school safety product that now keeps thousands safe. The Boot is installed in schools across the country and is also used in office buildings, homes, daycare facilities and many other habitations.

The Boot™

The Lockdown Company’s product The Boot is nothing like its kind offering the strongest security and safety in any dangerous lockdown situation. We have worked tirelessly to develop a product that ensures complete safety for all people. We run our company on the sole fact that we care about people’s safety and we develop products that ensure this.

Our Values

The Lockdown Company is based around the core value of providing safety for anyone who needs it. We look at every school, office building, daycare center and other facility like they are the one thing we need to protect. Our hope is that you too, will start taking into consideration how vital it is to take all precautions necessary to be safe and having our products installed in the places you and your family work, learn, live and play.

Our Goals

Our goal is to allow anyone in a dangerous situation to have a secure option of locking down into a room if needed. We believe it is important for everyone to have an option and if our option saves lives, we have done our job.

Our Products

Along with The Boot, we have developed other safety products to ensure safety in every measurable way. Our Ballistic Shield is a product that protects doors and windows and like our full line of products, provides time in any dangerous active shooting situation. Our hope is that with extra time, dangerous situations can be preventable with law enforcement arriving to the scene before anything horrific happens. Another product that is used in many schools across the country is The highly visible and reflective, Rapid Response Room Placards. In any dark or light situation, with our placards, it is possible to identify rooms quickly. We believe with all our products, we can make a difference during a dangerous situation, for what is unfortunately a common occurrence in today's world.

Our Team

Our team is full of highly qualified individuals that strive every day to keep facilities and those who work, live and play in them safe. Our CEO and Owner both deal directly with customers to ensure full understanding of not only our products but the services we provide and guide a strong team of installation technicians to ensure a swift and easy installation process. To show our commitment to safety, our Adopt-A-Door Program was developed by the Owner in hopes that any facility who wishes to install our products is not limited by lack of available funds.

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