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The Lockdown Co. keeps your students safe with The Boot

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Why We Do What We Do

Our passion for maintaining the safety of classrooms, homes and office buildings stems from experiencing the effects that attacks by violent individuals have had in our personal lives and around our nation. Our flagship product, The Bootâ„¢, inspired us to develop other safety products that prove to be vital in lockdown and security.

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Nothing Protects Like The Boot™

Simple, one-step engagement. So easy a child can secure and lockdown a room.

When fully engaged as a door barricade, The Boot™ can withstand 16,000 pounds of force

Enhances lockdown strength and safety of nearly any door to keep danger out, and allow safety in.

Sheriff Terry Jungel Endorses The Boot™

We're proud of the increased safety and security The Boot™ provides to schools. We believe The Boot is the best door barricade and school safety device available today, and we're not the only ones. Here's Sheriff Terry Jungel describing why The Boot™ is the most effective device for securing your class rooms, and your schools. To see more endoresements for The Boot™ please see our endorsements page.

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Our products are designed to keep students as safe as possible by barricading classroom doors, keeping potential threats out, and assisting first-responders during a lockdown.
The Boot™

The Boot™ is our flagship product. Designed to barricade interior doors, keeping threats out, and keeping room occupants safe.

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The Ballistics Shield

The Lockdown Ballistics Shield is specially designed and tested aluminum, it is nearly impenetrable when installed over key areas on doors and windows.

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Rapid Response Room Placards

The Lockdown High-Visibility Rapid Response Room Placards assist first-responders by allowing them to rapidly identify rooms that may be in critical need of assistance.

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