The Ballistics Shield

Early in the 2012 school year, Sandy Hook Elementary school ordered a new security system that locked the entrance door at 9:30 every morning. A few months later and a few minutes after 9:30, Adam Lanza used a high-powered assault rifle to shoot a hole in the doors and gain entry.

The Lockdown Company's Ballistics Shield makes this a preventable situation.

In a matter of seconds an active shooter can enter your building regardless of the locking device. With one thing in mind, there is little to stop them…until now.

A door equipped with a secondary security layer is no match for a high powered assault rifle

Our Ballistic Shield is far more than just a sheet of metal. Made from specially designed and tested aluminum, it is nearly impenetrable when installed over key areas on doors and windows. The unique material limits expansion caused by a fired bullet and creates razor sharp edges at the point of penetration. This combination assures that the shooter will sustain major injury while attempting to open the door.

Ballistic Shields provide exactly what is needed in active shooter situations…TIME

With a Ballistic Shield in place, the time a shooter spends using up ammunition attempting entry gives your students and staff time to barricade themselves in rooms secured by The Boot™.

Failing to gain entry, the shooter may make other attempts at different locations or give up. Either way, the Ballistic Shield increases time for a police response.

Your added protection without looking like Fort Knox

At only 3mm thick, the shield isn't an obtrusive piece of metal that heightens public attention or concern – it lays nearly flush on the door. Each shield is engraved with the school's name and a plasma-cut center with the mascot or school logo. High-density adhesive and several screws anchor the shield to the door. The Ballistic Shield works with the existing door structure; there is no need need to replace the entire door.