Rapid Response Room Number Placards

When chaos erupts, time is of the essence. With the alarm sounding, it's critical that the arriving tactical team finds the threat as quickly as possible. Officers are in sensory overload when they enter your building; not having a precise route puts students and staff in extreme danger. If someone yells “Room 102!!” the team becomes fixated on those numbers. With the noise of gun shots and screams ringing in their ears, their tunnel vision strengthens.

Traditional Room Placards Put Your Family at Risk

The Lockdown Company’s “Rapid Response Room Number Placards” are a proven cure for the unknown. Unlike traditional placards, Rapid Response placards are reflective, 3D and visible regardless of hall length. This assures an immediate response whether advising a parent, student, visitor or tactical team of a room number.

Placards affixed flat to the wall are a major threat to safety.

Response time greatly increases if law enforcement must slow down or stop at every door to check the room number.

The Rapid Response Room Number Placards make this unnecessary. The highly reflective, large numbers direct officers to the exact location without slowing down, giving them more time to plan, prepare and execute.

The Rapid Response Room Number Placards are nearly indestructible.

The Lockdown Company's placards are made of 16-gauge hard steel, powder-coated, and come in many colors. Our installation team is trained to install the placards in the most effective location for highest visibility and tamper resistance.