Midland County Sheriff Endorses the BOOT™

May 1st, 2015

To:              Mr. Rob Couturier
From:         Sheriff Scott Stephenson
Midland County, Michigan
Subject:      The Boot

Dear Mr. Couturier,

As a law enforcement leader in our community, I am continually looking for ways to keep people safe. “The Boot” is a fantastic product that clearly enhances the security of interior doors of any public or private building especially schools.

After researching “The Boot” and seeing how simple the device is to use and then the effectiveness of it, I was completely sold on this product.

The Shelter House in Midland, Michigan is a facility meant to house abused women and children and work through their crisis. The Shelter House had the foresight to have “The Boot” installed in every one of the doors in their facility. Not only do the resident’s feel safer and more secure but the staff does as well. I am pleased because if the Shelter House does have an intruder attempt to make entry, it buys law enforcement much more time to respond to the scene.

I never had any desire to endorse a product but after learning about “The Boot”, I feel compelled to for not only my community but other communities. I would encourage any school system to explore the use of “The Boot” and to take advantage of the “Adopt-A-Door” program.

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I endorse “The Boot” as the most effective safety device I have ever seen to prevent an intruder from entering through a door. Thank you for introducing this fantastic product to the public.

Sheriff Scott Stephenson
Midland County, Michigan