Eaton County Sheriff Endorses the BOOT™

Date: October 15, 2013

To:              Mr. Rob Couturier
From:          Sheriff Tom Reich
Subject:      The Boot

Dear Mr. Couturier,

As Sheriff of Eaton County, in the State of Michigan, I work daily to keep our children and communities safe. I truly believe that The Lockdown Company's product, The BOOT, is an extremely important layer of security for our teachers in their classrooms. I am confident that this product gives our children and school staff the best chance of survival in an emergency situation where an outsider wishes to do them harm.

I am excited and proud to endorse The BOOT as a reliable, functional and affordable safety device. Thank you for developing this product and helping to give our children and community a better sense of safety and comfort in their daily lives.


Sheriff Tom Reich
Eaton County Sheriff's Office