Interested in having The Boot™ in your school, but need financial assistance? Click here to learn about the Adopt-a-Door program.

The Lockdown Company is very aware of the financial strain on the education system. Knowing that a price can't be placed on the safety and security of our children and staff in our schools, we have developed the Adopt-A-Door program to help schools incorporate The Boot™ into their school safety program.

To help keep your child safe at school, take part in the Adopt-A-Door Program. With your generous donation, you can provide school security a great way to give danger The Boot™.

Adopt-A-Door is a great way for parents, family members, community leaders, businesses and civic groups to sponsor the installation of The Boot™ on one or more doors at their local school.

Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wrigglesworth was the first to sponsor a door via our "Adopt-A-Door" program for Horizon Elementary of Holt Public Schools.

Thank you Sheriff!